Everythinghangers.com Website Review & Ratings + EverythingHangers Coupons
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Everythinghangers.com Website Review & Ratings + EverythingHangers Coupons

EverythingHangers: Products & Services

EverythingHangers has all types of clothes hangers to suit the needs and tastes of consumers. These accessories can be used to safely store or display pants, skirts, shirts and other garments.

They have the following types of hangers:

Although they are known for their clothes hangers, they also carry closet accessories, garment racks and accessories.

EverythingHangers: Company Background
  • EverythingHangers is the one of largest producers of clothes hangers in theUnited States
  • Their website, EverythingHangers.com was founded in 2007
  • Many people inAmericaprefer their clothes hangers over those produced by other companies
  • They sell their products at below wholesale prices so this makes them even more appealing to shoppers
EverythingHangers: Customer Feedback & Reviews
  • EverythingHangers customers access all kinds of hangers in designs that match their own personal style
  • Whether they prefer Slimline or glam hangers, they can get them on their website
  • They can get accessories such as piggy back attachments, hanger covers, non slip hanger strips in shades like charcoal and white
EverythingHangers: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness
  • EverythingHangers has a wide selection of hangers and closet accessories however they do not seem to have been in business for very long
  • EverythingHangers is not a member of Reseller ratings or other sites that monitor consumer complaints
  • They are not accredited by the Better Business Bureau and do not have a rating
EverythingHangers: Website Popularity & Google Ranking
  • EverythingHangers has a Google page rank of two
  • Their global traffic according to Alexa puts them in a position of 2,385,572
  • About 37% of their visitors each month are sent by the search engines
  • Each visitor looks at between two to three pages on the site
  • Their domain was founded in 2007 and is hosted on a server in theUnited States
EverythingHangers: Social Media Presence
  • EverythingHangers has a Twitter profile where they have 856 followers
  • They have tweeted almost seven hundred times
  • They also maintain a FaceBook page
  • They maintain a blog, the Home Décor blog, which focuses on organizing your closet and making it as luxurious as possible
  • They post regularly on their blog and share many ideas on closet decor
EverythingHangers: Website Security & Safety
  • EverythingHangers has been tested by Google safe browsing over the past ninety days
  • Five pages on the site were examined and none of these contained any malware
  • The site is verified by Authorize.net merchant services and powered by Verge Shopping
  • The site is also tested daily by McAfee
  • This helps to increase safety for people who shop on the site
EverythingHangers: Pricing & Packages
  • EverythingHangers carries a wide selection of hangers at below wholesale prices
  • For example three linen padded hangers from Marquis and Dawe cost 14.95 pounds sterling
  • On the other hand Everything Hangers offers six linen with chrome hook and clips
  • Ten velvet z hangers cost $13.74. These make it easy to hang shirts and sweaters
EverythingHangers: Shipping Rates & Policies
  • EverythingHangers currently offers free shipping on all orders whether they are p[laced by phone or otherwise
  • They can arrest rush packages to most locations around the world and within theUnited States
  • Free shipping applies to products purchased within the United States. This includes gear that he would look at
EverythingHangers: Payment Methods Accepted
  • EverythingHangers accepts credit cards only when customers need to complete transactions on tie hangers and other goods
  • Although they have a limited number of payment options, you get excellent prices on everything in the store

These are the credit cards that they will accept:

  • American Express
  • Visa
  • Master card
  • Discover
EverythingHangers: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy
  • EverythingHangers has a guarantee to protect their customers
  • They will accepts returns if hose are sent out within thirty days from the date of purchase
  • A copy of the invoice must be sent with each return
  • Returns must be sent in their original carton
  • a 15% restocking fee is applied to all orders
EverythingHangers: Product images & screenshots
EverythingHangers Coupons
Best Available EverythingHangers Coupon:
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